Panthera Tigris


Artwork by: Leila Atoo


An Italian View

Italy, come si bella « » Italy, how beautiful you are


Italy is one of the top countries on my travel bucket list. The food, culture, art, architecture, and so much more are what draws me into this beautiful country. Although, sadly, I have not had the chance to travel there yet, I know that once my plane lands I will probably take a million pictures and a million more of the scenery surrounding me. For now, I have a painting of how I imagine an Italian paradise to look like. Pictured above is a painting that I completed last summer that is actually the first piece of artwork that I’m actually proud of. Through this painting, I incorporated summer colors and architecture with a view that reminds me of and Italian view. Have you ever been to Italy? If so, let me know about your trip in a comment below!

Artwork by: Leila Atoo

embrace existence


There are seven billion people out there

Each with their own lives to live

Each with their on views and values

Each with their own love story

Each with their own soul

Each with their own story to tell

I am here to listen

I am here to create my own

Poem written by: Leila Atoo